No one makes the right decisions all the time. At one time, one might make bad decisions, and bad financial decisions are no exception. Without knowing it, bad decisions that come about due to human nature might lead you to trouble. Say for instance, if you make bad financial choices, they will reflect on your credit score. This could have negative impact when getting Edmonton apartment rental. Some apartment renters avoid tenants who have bad credit. No one can blame them since everybody would want to deal with a creditworthy person.


Now that you have bad credit, it is not over for you. You can still manage to find an apartment if you follow these tips.

Avoid apartment owners who undertake credit checks

This is the easiest tip. Do not go for apartment where the owners conduct credit checks on their prospective tenants. This way, there is no way of them ever finding out about your credit history. Many would wonder how they will know it. When looking for an apartment, ask the owner the criteria they use. If credit check is not one of them, then you are safe.


Get recommended by a trustworthy person

You can also ask someone who knows you well to recommend you to an apartment owner. Despite your bad credit, the owner is likely to allow you to stay because they believe in the person who recommended you. Even though this is not a fool-proof method, it is worth giving a shot.


Be ready to pay more than a person with good credit

Some owners may agree to rent their apartments to people with bad credit, as long as they pay extra cash. For instance, one may be asked to pay a higher security deposit or advance of several months’ credit before they move in. thus, if you want to move and you have bad credit, it is good too start saving early so that you can have the money that the owner may ask for.


Secure a positive credit report

The future is usually uncertain. Thus, if you have bad credit today, it may not be that way in future; things may change. You can work to improve your credit score and report. If your report indicates a positive trend, the owner may reconsider his decision and allow you to rent the apartment. The best part is if the proprietor decides to brush off your bad credit history in favor of your report. Mending your credit history requires continuous effort, so do not give up.


While you may secure an apartment, it is important that you maintain the lease. To ensure this, a number of factors come in play:

  • Find an apartment within your budget. Do not go for costly houses that may end up putting you in a worse financial situation than before.
  • Choose an apartment that fits your needs. If you go to a smaller or lesser equipped place that required, you may find yourself breaking the lease which will cost you heavily.

Moving to a new place is fun and exciting. Do not let your bad credit score ruin this moment for you. Follow these tips and you will be good to go!

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