Have a favorite actor, actress, athlete, model, musician, director, web celeb, author or any type of celebrity? You can find them here. This is the Official Page of Official Pages. It’s fast, simple, and easy: Just type their name in our search box or browse our database and you will instantly have all of their official social network links along with up to date news around the web and recent tweets* (If they have a twitter account). The official page of is a growing database, so we encourage our visitors to add any links to our Submit Page they may have found themselves along the way. You can also subscribe to our own RSS feed to keep updated with new additions to our site.

Here at The Official Page of we strive to make sure that each and every one of our site links are official and approved. WE ARE THE OFFICIAL PAGE OF OFFICIAL PAGES. We are also adding new categories such as Universities and Non-Profits for your approval.
We put in countless man hours to assure that each official celebrity website, celebrity twitter, celebrity facebook, celebrity myspace, and imdb page are close to 100 percent verified and authentic. So, if your tired of searching the internet for your favorite celebrity’s official links you have come to the right place.

The Official Page of is not affiliated in anyway to Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Imdb, nor the person or persons on our site. We are just trying to cut back on the amount of effort taken by any fan to locate their favorite celebrity’s multiple and sometimes difficult to find official internet pages.

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The Official Page of was designed to assist the fans in finding their favorite celebrity’s official website, twitter, myspace, facebook and imdb pages. Our mission at The Official Page Of is aimed to assure our visitors that each one of our links are verified authentic.

Not only are we informing fans with official celeb pages but you may also notice, that we have inserted recent news feed and recent tweets of each and everyone of our celebrity pages* (If they have a twitter account). This can be your one stop to find all celebrity news.

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