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  • For Otherworldly Riffs: C-3PO Electric Guitar - OhGizmo!


    C-3PO is many things, and now he's an electric guitar, too. Etsy user Marc Potter is in the business of creating unique guitars and other instruments like banjos using the most unusual of materials. He had a C-3PO collector's ...

  • A C3PO Electric Guitar | MusicKit | Gear - Likecool


    This fun C-3PO electric guitar was made by Etsy user Marc Potter using a C-3PO collectibles case. "Rainy Day Instruments presents …#063 C3PO electric Star Wars Guitar, Nice used Behringer maple neck securely attached ...

  • C-3PO Electric Guitar — GeekTyrant


    Toy collectors are probably up in arms because Etsy user Marc Potter just “destroyed” a perfectly good C-3PO collectibles case. And guitar players are likely exclaiming, “I need that right now!” I belong to the latter group, but ...

  • C-3PO Guitar Made From Star Wars Action Figure Case | Geekologie


    This is the C-3PO Star Wars action figure carrying case that's been repurposed as an electric guitar. Me? I've always imagined C-3PO crushed in a Death Star trash compactor then cut into cubes and repurposed as paper ...

  • Anyone identify this C3PO ? - Forums


    This is an interesting figure because it relates to a scene that never happened in AOTC (I'm not sure they filmed it either). Originally they find C-3P0 still without coverings, and there is supposed to be scene where Padme finds ...


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